Word FLIPS Book

For Learning Intelligible Production of Speech

ISBN13 : 978-1586504953

Author(s) : Rhonda Granger

Publisher : Super Duper Publications

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Word FLIPS with real-life words (and pictures) is a must for children with limited speech, unintelligible speech, and/or childhood apraxia.

Speech Pathologists/Therapists, educators and parents can use the Word FLIPS to teach functional vocabulary words, such as greetings and requests (for example, "hi," "go," and "bye") while practicing up to three repetitions of sound sequences.

Word FLIPS includes three sections of identical picture words with four tabs in each section that divide the words according to articulatory placement:

  • Bilabial (boo, bee, bye, bow, pay, pea, pie, moo, me, my, mow, weigh, we, Y, whoa)
  • Alveolar (2, tea, tie, tow, day, D, dough, neigh, new, knee, no say, see, sew, zoo, Z)
  • Velar (K, key, guy, go)
  • Palatal (shoe, she, shy, show, chew)

Begin teaching severely unintelligible children by having them repeat identical earlier developing sounds, such as "boo-boo-boo." Older or more verbal children can practice a variety of sequences, such as "tie-tea-shoe" as a warm-up to practicing sentences.

The words in Word FLIPS can also be combined to form other words (for example, "tie-knee" can be combined to form the word "tiny").

Word FLIPS includes a list of words and phrases that can be produced using the "flips," and suggestions for activities to make practice fun and motivating.

Rhonda Granger