ACER Mechanical Reasoning Test – Second Edition (MRT-2)

Publisher : ACER Press, 1997


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ACER MRT-2 Forms A and B PDF eManual

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Online MRT-2 Credit (1-99 Credits)

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Online MRT-2 Credit (100+ Credits)

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Purpose: To assess mechanical reasoning ability

Time: 20 minutes

Administration: Individual and group

Format: Online

The ACER Mechanical Reasoning Test – Second Edition (MRT-2) assesses mechanical reasoning ability, which entails understanding basic principles of physics and mechanics, visualising the movement of objects through space, and understanding cause-effect relationships between mechanical components.

The MRT-2 is designed to assess aptitude for solving problems requiring the understanding of mechanical ideas. It does not require mechanical knowledge or reading ability.

All 32 items are pen-and-ink diagrams and cover a wide range of content including wheels, gears, clamps, levers, sliding rods, shafts, pulleys, weights, conveyor belts, fixed and non-fixed pivots, and springs. Two parallel forms are available.

Norms and other reference group data are provided as percentile ranks and stanines, with accompanying verbal descriptions.

The MRT-2 is suitable for assessing apprentices, trainees, technical and trade personnel, and others involved in work of a mechanical nature. The MRT can be used for selection and for counselling individuals, such as school-leavers or mature-age job changers, who aspire to occupations requiring mechanical reasoning ability.

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MRT-2 Online Sample Report

Norm data for Electrical Trade Positions

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