ASEBA-Web E-Units Package of 1000

Author(s) : Thomas Achenbach

Publisher : ASEBA, 2015

SKU : E6104

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ASEBA-Web enables online administration of ASEBA assessment forms for ages 1.5-5, 6-18, 18-59, and 60-90+. It provides an enhanced user experience for both the administration of assessments and collection of data from informants.

It includes web-based entry, processing, scoring, cross-informant comparisons, and storage of data.

It is a subscription service that is renewable on an annual basis, and requires e-units.

An e-unit is charged for each of the following:

  • Creating a form for online completion by an informant or client
  • Printing a paper form for manual completion by an informant or client
  • Key entering data from a paper form
  • Scoring a form to produce profiles and a narrative report
Thomas Achenbach

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