Building Comprehension Strategies

For the primary years

ISBN13 : 9781741489811

Author(s) : Dr. Alison Davis

Publisher : Eleanor Curtain Publishing, 2011

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Skilled readers are active readers, using many comprehension strategies to make meaning before, during and after reading. Building comprehension strategies focuses on strategies used to develop the comprehension ability of primary school students, including:

  • Making connections to prior knowledge
  • Prediction and re-prediction
  • Visualisation
  • Asking and answering question
  • Inference
  • Retell and paraphrasing
  • Summarisation

Key Features:

  • Provides an explanation of each strategy, giving examples of learning goals and success criteria
  • Examples of 'talk-aloud' and 'think-aloud' teaching and learning approaches included
  • Advice on how teachers can integrate the strategies in one of a series of lessons
  • Accompanied by a CD that contains blackline masters and graphic organisers that can be used for independent, pair and small-group work during instruction and as part of planned practice and maintenance throughout the year.

Dr. Alison Davis is a highly respected leading literacy researcher, writer, speaker and staff trainer. She is particularly well known for her research on reading comprehension and leading initiatives focused on accelerating and sustaining improved levels of reading comprehension achievement.