Augmented Reality Classroom: Class Licence

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The Augmented Classroom is a solution for teaching and learning STEM subjects in schools with Augmented Reality. The Augmented Classroom can be used individually and in groups with content based on global curriculum guidelines. 

With content covering geography, social sciences, geometry, maths, engineering and space, the Augmented Classroom makes your classes more interactive, increases student participation and engagement, student collaboration and assists in creating personalised learning environment to cater to different learning styles.

Unlike Virtual Reality, which requires expensive equipment and is dificult to control in a student environment, the Augmented Classroom provides exciting additional information to existing physical elements in the classroom.

Find out more about the Augmented Reality Classroom and its applications here.

The Augmented Reality Classroom: Class Licence includes:

  • Access for 1 teacher + 30 students, to all ARC apps: Geography, Space, Geomatry, Quest, Create and Blocks Game.
  • Licence valid for 12 months from purchase

The Geography ARC app can be used in conjunction with the Augmented Reality World Map - The Augmented Reality World Map features 3D models of countries and includes information on geographical peculiarities, political structures, land & water animals, plants and heritage.