Augmented Reality Classroom

Explore, Create and Collaborate in the Augmented Digital Space

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Engage your K-12 students in STEM learning - in class and virtually.

The Augmented Classroom is a solution for teaching and learning STEM subjects in schools with Augmented Reality. The Augmented Classroom can be used individually and in groups with content based on global curriculum guidelines. 

With content covering geography, social sciences, geometry, maths, engineering and space, the Augmented Classroom makes your classes more interactive, increases student participation and engagement, student collaboration and assists in creating personalised learning environment to cater to different learning styles.

Unlike Virtual Reality, which requires expensive equipment and is dificult to control in a student environment, the Augmented Classroom provides exciting additional information to existing physical elements in the classroom.

Benefits of the Augmented Classroom:

  • Strengthen your students’ digital skills, inspire growth mindset and encourage critical thinking
  • Make your classes more interactive: with options for students to create their own content, work in teams to collaborate on activities etc
  • Increase student participation and engagement in classes
  • Augmented Reality Classroom provides the opportunity to learn by creating your own realities and cooperating globally with other schools - choice to use pre-designed content or create your own.
  • Save time in delivering material
  • Use on Desktops and Laptops - In your Web-browser: No set up is required. Just use Augmented Classroom for web directly in your browser. Chromebooks are covered.
  • Use on Mobile Devices - Get Mobile Version. Use Augmented Classroom for mobile devices (iOS and Android) for enhanced Augmented Reality experience.
  • Touch board in your classroom? - Available on any touch board. Install Augmented Classroom mobile apps on your touch board and enjoy the immersive lessons.


  • 2D and 3D in Geometry
  • See sides of 3D shapes unfold into 2D shapes (decomposition is visualized)
  • Cross section and fractions in 3D
  • Develop spatial imagination by observing 3D and flat models
  • Learn properties of geometric 2D and 3D shapes and fractions
  • Maths (multiplication, division, subtraction, addition)

Geography & Social Sciences

  • Geographical peculiarities of the continents
  • Age of discovery
  • Planet structure, tectonic plates
  • Political structure
  • Monuments and other heritage
  • Flora and fauna
  • Water animals
  • Interactive weather for each season
  • Insects, dinosaurs
  • Magnetic fields, velocity, gravity, time zones

Engineering & Space

  • Planets of the Solar system
  • Space rocket assembling
  • Learning points about simple mechanics
  • Functions of the space rocket parts
  • Space mission upon kid’s choice
  • Space trips to different planets


  • Interdependent ecosystems: animals, plants
  • Weather, seasons, and climate in different countries
  • Basics of engineering
  • Understanding of planet Earth, its shape, and day & night cycles

K-1 / First grade

  • Space systems, planets
  • Engineering basics
  • Continents and differences between them
  • Maths (multiplication, division, subtraction, addition)

K-2 / Second grade

  • Properties, matter, structure
  • Basics of science
  • Planets of the Solar system and their location
  • Maths (multiplication, division, subtraction, addition)
  • Relationships in Earth’s ecosystem

K-3 / Third grade

  • Water world, underwater animals and plants
  • Basics of Geometric shapes
  • Maths (multiplication, division, subtraction, addition)
  • Basics of Engineering and science

K-4 / Fourth grade

  • Information processing & development of critical thinking skills
  • Earth’s ecosystem, history and heritage
  • Engineering design and basics of construction
  • Basics of 3D in Geometry, fractions
  • Maths (multiplication, division, subtraction, addition)

K-5 & 6 / Fifth & Sixth grades

  • Geography: earth, ecosystem interactions, animals, plants, heritage, and planet Earth
  • Space and engineering design
  • Geometry 3D and 2D shapes
  • Maths (multiplication, division, subtraction, addition)
  • Abstract thinking

Use Augmented Reality with the Augmented Reality World Map

Have you ever thought of what you can see when travelling different continents? What is the weather like? Who lives there? What animals can you find in different parts of the world? Do you know all the plants? and even more.. what else can go beyond your imagination? Everything is like in real world with the help of the Augmented Reality Classroom.

The Augmented Reality World Map features 3D models of countries and includes information on geographical peculiarities, political structures, land & water animals, plants and heritage.

How it works?

  • Purchase your World Map from ACER.
  • Download and launch a FREE CleverBooks Geography App on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Select Continents and face the camera of your mobile device on the World Map to explore its wonders.

Contact us today to set up your free 14-day single user trial to the Augmented Reality Classroom!