Autismology: An Autism Dictionary

ISBN13 : 9781949177961

Author(s) : Tosha Rollins

Publisher : Future Horizons, 2023

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Autismology is a much needed resource for parents and people living with autism. Capturing key phrases in the increasingly accepted neurodiversity movement, Tosha Rollins gives readers much needed information to better navigate the complex medical systems affecting the care of themselves or loved ones. Tosha gives readers a fresh perspective on the ever growing culture of neurodiversity.

Special needs educators, public school teachers, occupational therapists, ABA therapists, psychologists, mental health counselors, autistic adults, and parents with children on the autism spectrum will greatly benefit from having Autismology at their fingertips.

The author, Tosha Rollins, states, “As a mother of two young adults on the autism spectrum, I wish I had been better educated about autism. My children inspired my becoming a licensed professional counselor.” She started the Autism in Action podcast and has created resources like Autismology for families like hers.

Tosha Rollins