Behaviour Recovery 2nd. ed

Practical Programs for Challenging Behaviour

ISBN13 : 9780864316578

Author(s) : Bill Rogers

Publisher : ACER Press, 2003

SKU : 9780864316578

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Behaviour Recovery, Second Edition, uses a structured approach that enables students to develop positive behaviours. Bill Rogers' inclusion of real school experiences - both his own and others - makes the book informative, practical and easy to follow.

This new edition of this well-known book has been thoroughly revised with updated chapters on discipline and behaviour management, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and frustration tolerance management. A renewed focus on the nature and practical extent of colleague support when working with challenging behaviours and emotional and behavioural disorders (EBD) is also present.

Key Features

  • Covers the practical realities, options and programs that teachers are using to address the challenge of children with emotional and behavioural disorders
  • Focuses on attention deficit disorder (ADD), particularly with older primary and lower secondary age children
  • Discusses issues relating to task avoidance, task-focus and organisation within the behaviour recovery model
  • Includes information on discipline and behaviour management that has been redeveloped and expanded
  • Included photocopiable masters for developing personal behaviour programs for students.

Dr Bill Rogers has worked as a teacher at every level of education. Having researched behaviour management, school discipline, teacher stress, whole-school approaches to behaviour management, and the nature of colleague support in schools, and authored numerous resources, Dr. Roger's work is well known in Australia and the United Kingdom for his awareness of, and sensitivity to, teachers' concerns and needs in their profession.