Burt Word Reading Test

Author(s) : Alison Gilmore, Cedric Croft and Neil Reid

Publisher : NZCER, 1981


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BURT Record Forms (10)

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Purpose: To assess word recognition skills to provide an approximate reading age

Age: 6–13 years

Time: Untimed (approximately 5 minutes)

The Burt Word Reading Test provides a measure of an aspect of a child's word reading skills, i.e. word recognition. The test card consists of 110 words printed in decreasing size of type and graded in approximate order of difficulty.

Used in conjunction with other information, the Burt Word Reading Test should allow teachers to form a broad estimate of a child's reading achievement to aid decisions about appropriate teaching and reading materials.

In addition, the Burt Word Reading Test should prove useful as an indicator of possible wider reading problems.

Alison Gilmore, Cedric Croft and Neil Reid

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