Neale Analysis of Reading Ability

Third edition

Author(s) : Marie D. Neale

Publisher : ACER Press, 1999


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Purpose: To measure the accuracy, comprehension and rate of reading, monitor reading progress and obtain diagnostic observations of reading behaviour.

Range: 6–12.11 (12 years 11 months) and special needs students through to adult level

Administration: Untimed, approximately 20 minutes – individual

The Neale Analysis for Reading Ability is a best selling reading assessment tool, covering oral reading and comprehension, discrimination of initial and final sounds, names and sounds of the alphabet, graded spelling, auditory discrimination and blending, word lists and silent reading and writing.

Standardised Test 1 and 2 are parallel sets of six graded passages of prose, each forming a continuous reading scale for students aged 6-12.

Diagnostic Tutor Forms A and B comprise parallel sets of six passages with comprehension questions. The Neale 3rd Edition Diagnostic Tutor Forms, while parallel in style and grading to the standardised forms, are without norms.

Key Features:

  • Diagnoses specific reading needs
  • Provides standardised scores, reading ages and national profile levels
  • Facilitates appropriate teaching strategies
  • Provides for recording of qualitative information

Assessment Content:

  • Oral reading and comprehension
  • Discrimination of initial and final sounds
  • Names and sounds of the alphabet
  • Graded spelling
  • Auditory discrimination and blending
  • Word lists
  • Silent reading and writing

Please note: The Neale 3rd Ed Manual is now only available as a digital version. To be able to administer the Neale, you will need a copy of the Manual and Reader (one off purchases), and your Standadised Test Forms 1/2 and Diagnostic Tutor Forms A/B. All forms need to be replenished each time testing takes place.

Marie D. Neale

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