CDI-2 Manual

Author(s) : Maria Kovacs

Publisher : MHS, 2011

SKU : 502CDI

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The Children's Depression Inventory - Second Edition (CDI-2) is a comprehensive multi-rater assessment of depressive symptoms in youth aged 7 to 17 years. Depressive symptomatology is quantified by the CDI-2 based on reports from children/adolescents, teachers and parents.

Based on the original CDI, the second edition includes new items that focus on the core aspects of childhood depression, revised scales that are more reliable and valid, as well as new norms.

The CDI-2 Manual provides information on:

  • Introduction to the CDI-2 and Childhood Depression
  • Development and Key Features of the CDI-2
  • Psychometric Characteristics
  • Administration and Scoring
  • Interpreting Results
  • Case Studies
Maria Kovacs

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