Connecting with Science Education – Second Edition

ISBN13 : 9780190309343

Author(s) : Robyn Gregson and Nathaniel Doidge

Publisher : Oxford University Press Aus & NZ, 2018

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Connect with science and learn how to teach it creatively.

Connecting with Science Education – Second Edition supports pre-service teachers as they enter the professional world by connecting theory to practice. It meets the requirements of the Australian Curriculum while incorporating STEM and Indigenous science knowledge; and has a balanced coverage of biological, physical and chemical sciences, with some mathematics.

With plenty of practical classroom-based activities, this new edition encourages teachers to be creative in their teaching and to stimulate curiosity about science in themselves and their students.

New to the Second Edition

  • New co-editor, Nathaniel Doidge adds practical teaching experience to Part Two: Turning Theory into Practice
  • Revised chapters on theory and practices to support pre-service teachers in the preparation of lessons about science
  • New Part Two with activities that focus on science content and how to teach it
  • Clearer, more explicit links to the Australian Curriculum
  • Lecturer and student resources that reinforce and extend learning including videos, weblinks, multiple choice questions and PowerPoint slides.
Robyn Gregson and Nathaniel Doidge