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Coping refers to conscious strategies used to reduce unpleasant emotions. Coping strategies can be cognitions or behaviours and can be individual or social. 

The Adolescent Coping Scale – Second Edition (ACS-2) and the Coping Scale for Adults – Second Edition (CSA-2) are important research, clinical and educational instruments designed to support young people and adults when examining their own coping behaviour. Both scales have been updated to measure the usage and helpfulness of coping strategies in general and specific situations, reliably assessing 20 distinct coping strategies.

Key Features:

  • Assist adolescents and adults to assess, reflect on and then develop their own coping skills.
  • Measures adolescents’ and adults' usage of various coping behaviours and the effectiveness of these responses.
  • Long Form has been streamlined on both forms:  from 80 to 60 items on the ACS-2, and from 74 to 60 items on the CSA-2.
  • Simple and streamlined online administration, scoring and report generation via the ACER Psychological Testing Platform (APT).

A range of support resources are available in the Coping Range. Please see below for more information.

Best of Coping

A follow-up program for the ACS-2, Best of Coping provides teachers, youth workers, social workers and counsellors with a structured, comprehensive program for helping adolescents develop resilience and coping skills.

The Best of Coping Facilitator's Guide provides background information on the program, guidelines for facilitating a session and suggested activities.

The Best of Coping Student Workbook provides engaging scenarios and activities to be completed by each student.

Families Coping

Families Coping brings together two frameworks - positive parenting skills and the transactional model of stress and coping - to create a program of positive psychology aimed at parents, children and counselling professionals.

It includes exercises for both parents and children, tools and techniques for building resilience, information on additional coping services and resources and much more!

 Early Years Coping Cards

The Early Years Coping Cards provide teachers, youth workers, social workers, counsellors and clinicians with a visual tool to help focus the attention of either individual children or groups of children on a range of challenging everyday situations that may cause uncertainty or fear, and on strategies for coping with these.

The tool is primarily used to develop coping strategies and stimulate conversations about coping within various situations.

Cards can relate to 'real-life' events (situation cards) or present visual cues about the different ways in which children may respond to the situations presents (coping cards).

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