Developing a Networked School Community

A guide to realising the vision

ISBN13 : 9780864319814

Author(s) : Mal Lee and Glenn Finger

Publisher : ACER Press, 2010

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In the 20th century, school was the place you went to learn: but in the 21st century, because of the prevalence of digital technologies, children learn things at home that they don't or aren't allowed to at school.

Thus, the relationship between school, home and the community is more important than ever before, and schools need to recognise this and use it to advantage. Schools, educational leaders and bureaucrats need to overcome their fear of digital technologies and embrace the challenge and opportunities.

Developing a Networked School Community is the first major work which defines and explores the concept of the Networked School Community and details the challenges and opportunities of its implementation from the perspective of the system, the school, the teacher, the student, the home, and the parent.

Mal Lee is an educational consultant specialising in the development of digital technology in schools. He is a former director of schools and secondary school principal and has written extensively on the effective use of ICT in teaching practice.