Engagement Matters

Personalised learning for Grades 3 to 6

ISBN13 : 9780864318312

Author(s) : Kathy Walker and Shona Bass

Publisher : ACER Press, 2011

SKU : A5183BK

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Following the success of Play Matters 2nd ed., Engagement Matters is the next stage of the Walker Learning Approach for implementation with primary students in Grades 3-6.

Engagement Matters provides a step-by-step, practical guide for teachers, emphasising student engagement, empowerment and achievement, and importantly, personalised learning.

The transition from Grade 2 into the middle and upper primary years is made seamless through the provision of tips, activities and explanatory theory. Engagement Matters will equip schools with the capacity to actively engage students in their learning across all subject areas and diverse contexts. In doing so, Engagement Maters effectively lays the foundations for ongoing engagement and successful learning throughout the school life.

The book contains a full colour section of photographs to highlight key themes.

Download the Appendices documents for planning, assessment and reporting activities here:

Kathy Walker and Shona Bass