Partnering for School Improvement

Case studies for school-community partnerships in Australia

Author(s) : Sharon Clerke

Publisher : ACER, 2013

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ACER's research shows that, when schools and their communities share local decision making and responsibility for the education of students, outcomes improve.

Schools across Australia are increasingly connecting with their local communities to create enhanced opportunities for their students. Teachers and school leaders are reaching beyond the school gates to build exciting and innovative partnerships that are having a demonstrable impact on student learning.

Apart from the goal of improving student outcomes, one of the biggest motivators for establishing school-community partnerships is the desire to re-engage students with their learning.

Partnering for School Improvement: Case studies of school-community partnerships in Australia illustrates the creative ways in which Australian schools are responding to student needs by establishing and building partnerships with community organisations and businesses to share resources, both human and material.

They are providing students with access to breakfast clubs, homework and tutoring programs, after-school fitness and sporting activities, and other programs designed to re-engage students.

Sharon Clerke