Expressive Writing 1: Student Workbook

ISBN13 : 9780076035892

Author(s) : SRA McGraw-Hill

Publisher : SRA McGraw-Hill, 2005

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Expressive Writing helps students learn to express ideas by writing sentences, paragraphs, and stories that articulate precisely what the writer wishes to say. The program addresses essential skills with four instructional strands: Mechanics, Sentence Writing, Paragraph and Story Writing, and Editing. In every lesson, students learn to write with:

  • Structure, by writing sentences that first name something and then tell more. Then, by arranging sentences appropriately.
  • Coherence, by relating sentences logically.
  • Unity, by developing well-supported paragraphs.
  • Correct grammar and punctuation, by writing first, then editing, using a self-administered, cumulative Check System.

Use Expressive Writing 1 for students who need to learn to:

  • Plan what they want to say
  • Write complete sentences and paragraphs that do not deviate from a topic
  • Edit their own and others' work

The Expressive Writing 1: Student Workbook is a consumable workbook (1 required per student). 

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