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PLEASE NOTE: This new edition of HAST Sample Question Booklet (2023) contains 100 completely new practice questions.

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Publisher : ACER, 2023

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The Higher Ability Selection Test (HAST) is an ACER academic reasoning test used by schools to identify academically able students for selective entry, accelerated learning and gifted and talented programs. HAST focuses on assessing higher-order, cross curricular reasoning skills that are characteristic of gifted students.

The HAST Sample Question Booklet provides an opportunity for candidates to reflect on the types of skills required of them in the test but it is not designed to teach candidates these skills. Higher-order thinking skills are acquired over a long period of time or they are skills that are innate and natural.

To familiarise yourself with the HAST, work through the questions in each test section as if you were sitting a timed test, and as a guide allow 1-2 minutes per question. For the writing test select one writing task and allow 25 minutes to write your response.

This new edition of HAST Sample Question Booklet (2023) contains 100 completely new practice questions, twice the number of the previous edition. It includes actual test instructions for each test component and the answers to the questions, to provide a full practice test experience.

Skill areas covered are:

  • Reading Comprehension (35 multiple choice questions)
  • Mathematical Reasoning (35 multiple choice questions)
  • Abstract Reasoning (30 multiple choice questions)
  • Written Expression (2 extended writing tasks)

Key Features:

  • Suitable for HAST Junior Secondary (current year 6 or 7) and HAST Middle Secondary (current year 8 or 9) test levels. Test questions from both levels are provided
  • Provides candidate instructions for each of the four test sections
  • 100 questions in total
  • Answers provided at the back of the booklet
  • Two written expression prompts (one discussion, one creative)
  • Can be used as a timed practice test

Please note: This booklet was published in 2023. It contains different sample questions to the booklet published in 2019 which is also currently available for purchase. The sample question booklets are a PDF Download (not a hardcopy).

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