Key into Reorganisation

Author(s) : Chris Parkin, Catherine Parkin and Brian Pool

Publisher : Triune Initiatives, 2011

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Range: 9+ years

Purpose: To teach the skill of reorganising text.

Administration: Individual, Group (only as a part of a guided reading program)

The KEY into reorganisation Kit includes:

  • Copymaster book including 89 pages of reproducible sentences, paragraphs and texts (covering decoding ages 8-14+ years)
  • Guide and Answer book.

KEY words with all answers are included, which demonstrate how a competent reader would reorganise text.

Additional Guide & Answer books are able to be purchased by schools only once a full kit has been purchased. If more than one teacher is to be working with the resource, then each teacher can have their own Guide and Answers book, and share the Copymaster book.

Of the three KEY Comprehension Series resources (reorganisation, inference and evaluation), it is recommended that reorganisation be taught first.

Finding literal information is the most basic of the comprehension skills - reorganisation deals with literal information but with an increased level of difficulty. The information is scattered, and two or more pieces must be 'found' and put together.

Chris Parkin, Catherine Parkin and Brian Pool