KEY into Evaluation

Author(s) : Chris Parkin, Catherine Parkin and Brian Pool

Publisher : Triune Initiatives, 2008


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KEY into Evaluation

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KEY into Evaluation - Additional Guide and Answers

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KEY into Evaluation requires readers to reorganise information & make inferences. Readers must unravel all text information before giving an opinion, evaluating information in fiction and non-fiction texts.

It is a graded resource with an extensive range of original material designed to:

  • Meet the needs of a wide range of students
  • Demonstrate (model) how evaluation & reaction works
  • Provide practise examples using fiction & non-fiction texts

KEY into Evaluation is suitable for use with 8 year olds to adults - wherever English is being read. It can also be used with competent younger students who decode well, or orally with older students whose decoding ages are low.

It is structured into three graded levels:

  1. Level One, decoding levels: 8 – 10 years
  2. Level Two, decoding levels: 10 – 12 years
  3. Level Three, decoding levels: 12 – 14 years

At each level, evaluation & reaction is introduced using models, practise paragraphs and texts. Levels Two & Three have a range of defined genre: history, geography, science, technology, news, sports news etc.

Key Features

  • Photocopiable material
  • 88 pages of sentences, paragraphs and texts
  • Fiction and non-fiction material at every level
  • Progressive developmental process
  • Full answers to all questions
  • KEY words with all answers
  • Has proved to be very successful with older students and adults
  • Improves teacher/tutor awareness and understanding of evaluation & reaction

The KEY comprehension series is directly linked to PROBE 2 question types of reorganisation, inference, evaluation & reaction.

Guide & Answer Sample Pages

Chris Parkin, Catherine Parkin and Brian Pool

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