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Author(s) : Chris Parkin, Catherine Parkin & Barnaby Parkin

Publisher : Triune, 2022


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PROBE GREY Supplementary Kit

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Fully understanding text requires close, intelligent reading. For many readers, understanding doesn't come easy and even the seemingly best readers have some difficulties. Teachers and professionals need in-depth data about a student's ability to understand text - PROBE results can be used to help determine teaching.

PROBE is primarily designed to be a controlled, individual in-depth interview to help teachers achieve a greater understanding of:

  • how readers engage with text
  • what specific teaching is required.

For use with 7 year-olds to adults (wherever English is being read), younger students who decode well and students learning to read English as a second language.

To reduce bias and enable the assessor to more accurately evaluate the reader’s ability to draw on the information contained in the texts, they are, as much as possible: written in Standard International English and culturally and geographically non-specific. As this is an assessment of a reader’s ability to decode and comprehend text, there are no pictures and limited title clues


The PROBE GREY and PROBE BLUE are parallel resources and can be used interchangeably. The forty fiction and non-fiction texts in PROBE GREY have the same number of words as the corresponding texts in its BLUE companion.




  • Page layout changes
  • Revised and upgraded Guide – content & layout
  • More comprehensive taxonomy notes
  • More comprehensive notes with answers
  • More consistent format of notes with answers

PROBE GREY Student Text

  • Page design changes
  • More student friendly text – changes to font and layout


  • Forty original texts (no extracts or retold stories)
  • Twenty levels (5 to 15.5 years with 6 month overlaps)
  • Fiction and non-fiction at every level
  • No pictures & minimal title clues (for testing text only)
  • Culturally & geographically non-specific texts
  • Standard International English
  • Targeted, defined comprehension questions


Six targeted and defined question types allow for a clearer analysis of the reader’s comprehension ability. These 6 questions form the PROBE QUESTION TAXONOMY.

    DEFINITION: Finding information that is given directly in the text.
    FEATURES: Answers are found in a single sentence.
    DEFINITION: Reconstructing two or more literal pieces of information
    contained in the text.
    FEATURES: Pieces can be within two adjacent sentences or scattered throughout the text. Reorganisation could be regarded as complex literal.
    DEFINITION: Deducing information not given directly in the text.
    FEATURES: Can be regarded as simple inference
    DEFINITION: Determining the meaning of unknown words from context.
    FEATURES: 2+ sentences from the text are required to answer most questions
    DEFINITION: Gathering information and drawing inferences.
    FEATURES: Can be regarded as complex inference
    DEFINITION: Expressing an opinion based on the information given in the text.
    FEATURES: The text has to form the basis of that opinion.


PROBE GREY Kit Includes:

  • PROBE GREY Manual with Guide, Determiner, Answers (with keywords) & Copymasters
  • PROBE GREY Students Texts with Students' Guide, Determiner wordlists and texts with questions

PROBE GREY Supplementary Kit includes:

Supplementary Kits provide an economical way for a school campus to have extra PROBE assessment kits.

  • PROBE GREY Guide & Answers (no copymasters)
  • Student Texts Book.

Please note: Supplementary Kits cannot be used without purchase of a full kit, and are only available to schools. Copies must only be made from the copymasters in the full kit (copies from copies prohibited).

Sample PROBE GREY Manual pages

Sample PROBE GREY Student Text pages

Chris Parkin, Catherine Parkin & Barnaby Parkin

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