KEY into Evaluation - Additional Guide and Answers

Author(s) : Chris Parkin, Catherine Parkin and Brian Pool

Publisher : Triune Initiatives, 2008

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Range: 9+ years Purpose: To show how a competent reader would reorganise and make necessary inferences. Administration: Individual, Group (only as a part of a guided reading program)

The KEY into evaluation - Additional Guide and Answers discuss and provide the following:

  • What is evaluation?
  • What is reaction?
  • KEY into evaluation (and reaction)
  • Question design
  • Preparing to use
  • Use of KEY into evaluation
  • Answers and Key Words for Level One, Level Two and Level Three

Additional Guide & Answer books are able to be purchased by schools only once a full kit has been purchased. If more than one teacher is to be working with the resource, then each teacher can have their own Guide and Answers book, and share the Copymaster book.

It is not advisable to teach KEY into evaluation prior to teaching KEY into inference and KEY into reorganisation. It is adivsed to ensure that the skills of reorganisation and inference are well understood and used competently before embarking on evaluation.

Evaluation is a combination of these two skills, and therefore requires more 'reading between and beyond' the lines. There are more questions that require an abstract answer in KEY into evaluation than there are in the other resources.

KEY INTO Additional Guide & Answers may only be purchased by schools or qualified individuals at registered institutions. Supplementary Kits are not available outside of school use

Chris Parkin, Catherine Parkin and Brian Pool

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