Leading improvement for gifted and talented students

Due August 2024

ISBN13 : 9781742867199

Author(s) : John Munro

Publisher : ACER Press, 2024

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School leaders are tasked with assisting students to make the next steps in their learning journeys, regardless of the students’ starting points. For students who are struggling, the next steps are often clear, but for students who are achieving beyond the expected level it can be difficult to know how best to challenge them.

Leading improvement for gifted and talented students provides a framework for a set of high-impact strategies that individually and together can be the focus of improving high-level outcomes for gifted and talented students across the school.

Associate Professor John Munro brings his considerable experience to this complex problem, addressing the theoretical understandings of how high-ability students flourish and the practical requirements of meeting the needs of these students in today’s classrooms.

Key chapters discuss what high ability looks like, what high-level outcomes are, how to identify students who display high-level outcomes in fields beyond literacy and numeracy and how school leaders can equip their educators with the ability to differentiate both the curriculum and their teaching.

Topics such as twice-exceptional students, classroom culture, students from diverse backgrounds and social and emotional wellbeing are also addressed as part of a whole-school strategy for enhancing educational provision for high-ability students.

Leading improvement for gifted and talented students is an essential evidence-based resource for all school leaders who wish to ensure that every child achieves their full potential.

Associate Professor John Munro is a teacher and a psychologist who has taught and researched in gifted education and talent development for 4 decades. He led a research agenda that investigates gifted learning, talent development, twice-exceptional learning and creativity in the classroom and his work features widely in journal articles, book chapters, international conferences and podcasts. He wrote the initial version of general capabilities in ‘Critical and Creative Thinking’ for the Australian Curriculum and has received the Award for Eminence in Gifted Education from the Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented and the Honorary Fellowship Award from the Australian Council for Educational Leaders.