Majors PT-Elements™ Professional User's PDF eManual

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Author(s) : Mark Majors

Publisher : ACER Press, 2011

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The Majors Personality Type - Elements (Majors PT-Elements) is a departure from the standard personality type measure, representing a new extension into the application of Jungian psychological types.

It provides extensive information regarding an individual's type, individual differences with type, strengths and challenges to type expression, and the development and use of the eight Jungian mental functions. It can be used by accredited individuals for the enhancement of personal growth and knowledge, as well as professional and organisational development.

The Majors PT-Elements™ Professional User's PDF eManual provides information on:

  • Introduction & Jungian Psychological Type as Measured in the Majors PT-Elements
  • Features of the Majors PT-Elements
  • Administration
  • Scoring
  • Interpretation
  • Development and Psychometrics
  • Using the Majors PT-Elements Report (Detail)
  • Using the Majors PT-Elements Report (Professional's)

Please note: **This is an electronic download (PDF) of the Manual.

Mark Majors

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