You've Got Personality

An Introduction to the Personality Types described by Carl Jung & Isabel Myers

ISBN13 : 9780975188804

Author(s) : Mary McGuiness

Publisher : MaryMac Books, 2004

SKU : 9780975188804

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Author Mary McGuiness, a pioneer in the Type field and founding director of the Institute for Type Development (ITD), provides an informative and vital resource that is an ideal handout for individual clients and for introductory workshops.

You've Got Personality has 44 pages packed with information on:

  • The eight preferences
  • The eight function-attitudes
  • Type development
  • Stress and the inferior function
  • Communication styles
  • Temperaments.

It includes two-page type descriptions for each type, including the pattern of type development for each type.

You've Got Personality is a great way for readers to learn more about themselves, those they interact with, and how they manage those interactions.

Mary McGuiness