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ACER's MSCEIT Online Certification Training is designed to provide professionals with the knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively implement the Mayor-Salovey-Caruso Emorional Intelligence Test to the highest standard.

MSCEIT Certification - Identify people’s real Emotional Intelligence.
The MSCEIT evaluates emotional intelligence (EI) through a series of objective and impersonal questions. Based on scenarios typical of everyday life, the MSCEIT measures how well people perform tasks and solve emotional problems, rather than having them provide their own subjective assessment of their emotional skills.

This MSCEIT Certification course is designed to provide professionals with the knowledge, skills and confidence to effectively implement the MSCEIT to the highest standard.

The blended course gives participants the opportunity to experience the tool firsthand through self-assessment and to receive feedback from an experienced coach.

Course in detail

The MSCEIT Certification course includes:

  • flexible, online classes and certification
  • the ability to take the assessment yourself and get feedback from an experienced coach
  • an online account where you can use the MSCEIT with your clients
  • tokens to get you started using the assessment after certification
  • access to the online User’s Handbook and other resources
  • a MSCEIT certificate of completion
  • continuing education credits from the International Coach Federation.

All resources are included in the course (online MSCEIT account, assessment tokens, online User’s Handbook, additional online resources and all course notes).


Participants will be able to:

  • demonstrate the capacity to use MSCEIT, including all key resources, to provide adequate feedback to individuals
  • demonstrate the capacity to understand an individual’s ability to perceive, use, understand and regulate emotions
  • recognise emotions, compare them to other sensations, and determine how they interact with thought
  • apply knowledge to implement differentiated feedback strategies.

Delivery mode
Online (virtual) workshops and pre-coursework material is accessed via an online learning platform.

Two days’ workshop delivered virtually, self-paced pre-coursework, and a learning assurance task (exam) at the end.

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