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Author(s) : Denis Flores

Publisher : ACER, 2021

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Many people have encountered an adverse experience at some point in their lives. Yet, some bounce back quickly while others endure the difficulties of adjusting for a longer period. A distinguishing factor between these people is their level of resilience.

Resilience has been widely defined as the ability to adapt to the changing environment and to recover from adversity and personal setbacks. Resilience has also been expressed as a competency or skill, embodying the personal qualities of individuals who thrive in difficult circumstances. Research suggests that resilient people adapt more successfully in response to major life events and traumatic experiences.

The Adult Resilience Scale has been developed to provide an understanding of the concept of resilience, and measures the five dimensions of Threat Perception, Adjustment, Decision Making, Coping and Recovery. The Adult Resilience Scale assesses these dimensions in individuals, and provides a framework for developing resilience skills and capabilities.

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The Online Adult Resilience Scale eManual (PDF) contains information about the development of the scale and the concept of resilience, Assessment and scoring and Statistics and references.

Denis Flores

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