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Author(s) : C. Keith Conners, PhD

Publisher : MHS, 2022

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Conners 4th Edition (Conners 4™) is the highly anticipated revision of the Conners 3rd Edition (Conners 3®), the world's leading Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) assessment.

Conners 4 provides a comprehensive assessment of symptoms and impairments associated with ADHD and common co-occurring problems and disorders in children and youth aged 6 to 18 years. The Conners 4 is an inclusive and fair measure that builds on the long history and strengths of the multi-informant Conners Rating Scales. Conners 4 will be an invaluable part of your ADHD assessment battery with updated norms, improved workflows, and new and improved features.

Your Online Conners 4 Forms can be used for any of the Conners 4 forms:

Conners 4: This form is the most comprehensive and is recommended for use in initial evaluations and full re-evaluations.​ This form includes all Conners 4 items and scales (Parent and Teacher, 6–18 years: Parent: 117 items; Teacher: 109 items; Self-Report, 8–18 years: 118 items).

Conners 4–Short: This form is useful when a rater has limited time, or when the rater will be asked to complete the Conners 4 repeatedly (e.g., monthly assessment of treatment response).​ This form takes less time to complete than the full-length form but is not as comprehensive because it has fewer scales and fewer items per scale (for both Content and Impairment & ​Functional Outcome scales).​ (Parent and Teacher, 6–18 years): Parent Short, 53 items; Teacher Short, 49 items; Self-Report, 8–18 years: Self-Report: Short, 51 items).

Conners 4–ADHD Index: This index can be used as a screener to determine which youth are most likely to require a more comprehensive evaluation.​ The Conners 4–ADHD Index contains 12 items from the full-length form that best differentiate youth diagnosed with ADHD from youth in the general population (Conners 4 ADHD Index Parent, Teacher: 12 items; Conners 4 ADHD Index Self-Report: 12 items).

All Conners 4 Forms provide a Single Rater Report. The Single Rater Report provides detailed information about scores from a single administration, presented numerically, graphically, and within an interpretive summary. A youth’s scores are compared to those in one or more Normative Samples, and optionally, to an ADHD Reference Sample. Also includes a Within-Profile Comparison of the youth’s results to their own average score. Elevations at both the scale and item level are included. Key results are provided in a one-page overview.

All Conners 4 users receive access to a free, digital version of the Conners 4 Manual in their MAC+ Account.

C. Keith Conners, PhD

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