Conners Early Childhood (Conners EC)

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Author(s) : C. Keith Conners

Publisher : MHS, 2009


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Purpose: Assess behaviour for preschool-aged children

Age: 2–6 years

Time: 25 minutes

  • Conners Early Childhood Developmental Milestones: 10 minutes
  • Conners Early Childhood Behavior: 15 minutes
  • Conners Early Childhood Behavior Short: 10 minutes
  • Conners Early Childhood GI: 5 minutes

The Conners Early Childhood (Conners EC) assesses behaviour for preschool children aged 2 to 6, and can assist in identifying when early intervention is required. It is designed to assess the concerns of parents and teachers/childcare providers about preschool-aged children.

The Conners EC also assists in measuring whether or not the child is appropriately meeting major developmental milestones (Adaptive Skills, Communication, Motor Skills, Play, and Pre-Academic/Cognitive).

It is a multi-informant (parent and teacher/childcare provider) assessment allows for easy comparison of scores across raters, with Full-length, Short, Behavior, Developmental Milestones, and Global Index forms available.

Conners EC Forms

Full-Length: Parent, Teacher 

Conners EC Parent form (Conners EC–P), 190 items

Conners EC Teacher/Childcare Provider form (Conners EC–T), 186 items

Provide a comprehensive view of the child’s functioning in terms of both problem behaviours and developmental milestones. It includes all the Conners EC components: Behavior scales, Developmental Milestone scales, Other Clinical Indicators, Conners ECGI, Validity scales, Impairment items, and Additional Questions.

Stand Alone Forms

Conners EC Behavior – Parent form (Conners EC BEH-P), 115 items

Conners EC Behavior – Teacher/Childcare Provider form (Conners EC BEH-T), 116 items.

Conners EC Developmental Milestone - Parent form (Conners EC DM–P), 80 items

Conners EC Developmental Milestone – Teacher/Childcare Provider form (Conners EC DM–T), 74 items

Each main component of the full-length form (ie, Behaviour scales and Developmental Milestone scales) is available as a separate stand-along form. These forms are useful for focused evaluations and for follow-up of specific areas (even if the full-length form was used in the initial evaluation).

Short Forms

Conners EC Behaviour – Parent Short form { Conners EC BEH-P(S) }, 49 items.

Conners EC Behaviour – Teacher/Childcare Provider Short form { Conners EC BEH-T(S) }, 48 items.

Contain a subset of items from each Behaviour Scale. In addition to the Behaviour scales, the short forms also include the Positive Impression and Negative Impression Validity scales, and the two Additional Questions.

Global Index Forms

Conners EC Global Index–Parent (Conners EC GI–P)

Conners EC Global Index–Teacher/Childcare Provider (Conners EC GI–T)

Include two 10-item indices, to be completed by parents and teachers/childcare providers. Conners EC GI–P and the Conners EC GI–T are embedded in the full-length Conners Early Childhood forms. They are a quick and effective measures of general psychopathology and helpful tools for monitoring treatment and preschool intervention.

Behaviour Scales

  • Inattention/Hyperactivity
  • Oppositional/Aggressive Behaviours
  • Social Functioning/Atypical Behaviours
  • Anxiety
  • Mood and Affect
  • Physical Symptoms

Developmental Milestones

  • Adaptive Skills
  • Communication
  • Motor Skills
  • Play
  • Pre-Academic/Cognitive

Online Assessment and Reporting (MHS Assessment Center+)

As of 2020, all Conners EC response forms are scored online, with the exception of the Conners EC Global Index forms, which can also be scored by hand using the QuickScore Form format.

Online administration allows the assessor the flexibility to send a link to each respondent to complete the assessment at a location (e.g., child care center, school). Assessors using online scoring also have the option of printing E-Paper forms that can be scored online by entering the responses.

Effective December 2020, MHS Scoring Softwares will be retired. Support will be provided for updates or USB issues until December 31, 2021. Response booklets will be available until December 31, 2022.

Contact us to set up your online testing account today. 

Sample Reports & Guides

MHS Assessment Center+ QuickStart Guide

Conners EC: Parent Sample Assessment Report

Conners EC: Behavior–Parent Sample Assessment Report

Conners EC: Behavior–Parent Short Sample Assessment Report

Conners EC: Developmental Milestones–Parent Sample Assessment Report

Conners EC: Online Parent Report

C. Keith Conners

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