PAT Maths 4th ed. Test Booklet 7

Publisher : ACER Press, 2013


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PAT Maths 4th ed. is used to monitor progress in mathematics and to provide teachers with diagnostic information to inform teaching, for Years 1 -10.

PAT Maths 4th ed. contains new test items and more difficult tests compared to the previous editions, and tests/items are designed to assess the strands and levels described in the Australian Mathematics Curriculum.

A new feature of the 4th ed. is a scoring software for generating more functional group and individual reports; and includes detailed descriptions on using the data to inform teaching and learning.

PAT Maths 4th ed. Test Booklet 7 is recommended for End of Year 7, start of Year 8

  • 12-page booklet, which contains 40 items covered in the Year 7 Australian Mathematics Curriculum.
  • Reusable Test Booklet- students mark their answers on the separate PAT Maths 4th ed. OMR or NON-OMR Answer Sheet.

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