PDS 5 Point Scale Online Form (pkg 5)

Author(s) : Delroy L. Paulhus

Publisher : MHS

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The Paulhus Deception Scales (PDS) is a 40-item instrument that is able to identify individuals who distort their responses. Designed to be administered concurrently with other instruments, the PDS items are phrased in contemporary, gender-neutral language.

The PDS is available through the MHS Assessment Center+. The MHS Assessment Center+ provides professionals the ability to administer, score and generate reports online. It also allows for printing of forms for client completion, and response entry from paper administrations.

The PDS 5 Point Scale Online Form allows completion of the PDS online. The respondent will select and enter their responses online (the clinician is then provided with a report). This option requires 1 Online Form per client.

For individuals who do not wish to administer the PDS assessment online, the MHS Assessment Center+ provides the capability of printing paper-and-pencil forms on demand. This option requires 1 Online Response Form (allows the printing of 1 Form, and online scoring and reporting).

Delroy L. Paulhus

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