Phonemic Awareness

ISBN13 : 9780076094448

Author(s) : SRA McGraw Hill

Publisher : SRA Mcgraw Hill

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For young learners, developing phonological awareness is an essential step in learning how to read. Phonemic Awareness contains 110 concise, 15 minute lessons that follow the sequential steps to phonological comprehension.

The research-based program increases awareness of:

  • Sound and word discrimination
  • Rhyming
  • Sentence segmentation
  • Syllable blending
  • Blending of phonemes

With its compact lesson structure, the program is flexible enough to be added to any curriculum. It’s ideal for Pre-K classrooms as well as for Grade 1 students who are not yet up to grade-level phonological awareness. Teacher-friendly tips and suggestions help make instruction even easier, while scaffolded lessons are delivered in easily managed segments, for consistent, thorough instruction.

Set includes Teacher Edition (Manual) and set of 168 Picture/Sound Cards.

SRA McGraw Hill