Webber Phonological Awareness Photo Cards Combo

Author(s) : Wendy Ward

Publisher : Super Duper Publications

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Use the Webber Photo Cards to teach phonological awareness with students from Prep to Grade 6!

The combo includes 12 Fun Decks:

  • Discrimination of Rhyming Words
  • Production of Rhyming Words
  • Segmentation of Words in Sentences
  • Blending Syllables
  • Segmentation of Syllables
  • Deletion of Syllables
  • Identification of Phonemes
  • Blending Phonemes
  • Segmentation of Phonemes
  • Deletion of Phonemes
  • Addition of Phonemes
  • Manipulation of Phonemes

Each of the 12 decks has 56 colourful photo cards (672 cards in all).

Every deck contains three levels of difficulty with answers on the back of each card for self-checking. You also get a wild card and a reverse card for giving extra points or changing the direction of play.

Bonus reinforcers (colourful, foam Sensational Stars) are perfect for playing games and giving rewards.

Wendy Ward