Progressive Achievement Tests in Science (PAT Science)

Publisher : ACER Press, 2009


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The Progressive Achievement Tests in Science (PATScience) is a thoroughly researched and nationally normed test to assess student achievement in scientific understanding from Years 3 to 10. The test questions are designed to assess science knowledge, scientific literacy and understanding of scientific principles, as well as their application.

PAT Science materials include the Teacher Manual (all information required to administer, score and interpret the tests), re-usable Test Booklets and the Answer Sheet (can be hand scored or sent to ACER for Test Scoring and Analysis).

Key features

  • A common scale for all eight tests, giving teachers the ability to compare different students using different tests and monitor development over time
  • National norms to allow for comparisons between student performances and the Australian reference group for each year level
  • Comprehensive norm, diagnostic and descriptive individual and group reports
  • Copy masters of administration instructions, score keys and a range of report formats
  • Test booklets that target a particular year level (but suitable for use and normed in adjacent year levels to cater for differing abilities)
  • Short-answer questions and marking guides to provide more diagnostic information about a student's ability.

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