Quest Program II: Social Skills Curriculum for Middle School Students with Autism

ISBN13 : 9781941765098

Author(s) : Susan Fell and JoEllen Cumpata

Publisher : Future Horizons, 2015

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Quest Program II is a social skills program created to help secondary school students with autism who struggle with social skills and pragmatic language.

With inclusive education becoming the norm in schools nationwide, teachers often struggle to address student's non-academic needs. Teachers need ready-to-use lessons that won't interfere with their curriculum.

Developed by a school social worker and speech language pathologist, the program uses an intensive, proactive approach to teaching social skills, combining written instruction with games, activities, and student interaction.

Containing six helpful units:

  • School Survival Basics
  • Understanding and Managing Emotions
  • Communication Skills
  • Making Friends
  • Interacting with Peers
  • Personal Safety
  • Vocational Readiness

These can be implemented either chronologically or on their own.

Covering a range of topics, such as Greetings, Paying Attention, Daily Hygiene, Asking for Help, Understanding Feelings, Getting Angry/Calming Down, Managing Stress, Starting a Conversation, Making and Keeping Friends, Gossiping, Bullying, and Teasing, Resisting Peer Pressure, Dating, Internet and E-mail Safety, QUEST II is a vital resource for all teachers with autistic students in their class.

The book includes a CD of printable worksheets, letters and forms.

This replaces the former bestselling title A Quest for Social Skills for Students with Autism & Asperger's.

Susan Fell and JoEllen Cumpata