Reading Laboratory: 2A Complete Kit

Author(s) : SRA McGraw Hill

Publisher : SRA Mcgraw Hill, 2020

SKU : 993LAB

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SRA Reading Laboratories support learning for early finishers, extra time gaps and independent reading time. Personalised learning and practice opportunities makes it easy to manage an entire classroom of students at different reading levels with ease.

The new edition of Level 2A includes 25% new reading selections and Lexile® measures for all readings. All reading selections were reviewed and updated for current factual information and are aligned with today’s academic integrity standards.

The Level 2 Laboratories have been reduced from 3 Laboratories to 2 (2a and 2b, no 2c level).

Level 2A is suitable for reading ages 7–11 years (Grades 4–8).

Reading Laboratory: 2A Complete Kit includes:

  • Teacher's Handbook

Provides a program overview, full instructions on how to work the laboratory, teaching plans and the placement test.

  • 144 Power Builder Cards with Key Cards

Power Builder Cards are arranged in colour coded levels, with a fiction or non-fiction reading selection (with illustrations), multi-levelled questions about the reading section and a Learn About Words section which includes vocabulary and word study exercises. Key Cards are also colour coded and correspond to each Power Builder. Students use these to mark their own work.

  • 254 Skill Builder Cards with Key Cards

Skill Builders are used to reinforce comprehension, grammar and phonics - students are directed to the Skill Builders from the Key Cards to strengthen specific skills.

  • 144 Rate Builder Cards with Key Cards

Rate Builders are short, timed readings that are used to improve fluency. These help students to read quickly whilst maintaining comprehension. The Rate Builders are also colour-coded and correspond to the colour-coded Power Builders.

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