Sales Aptitude Profile (Sales AP™)

Author(s) : Jotham Friedland, PhD & Sander Marcus, PhD

Publisher : MHS, 2021


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Administration: Self
Time: 10–15
Format: Online

Sales professionals are at the heart of organisations, and their roles have the unique power of positively impacting the top-line growth of a business. This makes hiring and training the best sales talent with the right skill set the key to a thriving and prosperous organisation.

Employee turnover in sales can be a significant drain on your resources due to reduced revenue generation and decreased trust from customers. The Sales Aptitude Profile (Sales AP™) is designed to help you hire, develop and engage high-performing sales talent, so you can make your sales “Dream Team” a reality.

The Sales AP™ enables users to identify critical skills in candidates, as well as gaps and development opportunities for current employees in sales roles.

Key Features

  • 2 Distinct Reports: Take the stress out of hiring with the Interview Guide and plan for success with the Development Report.
  • Report Design: The newly created reports are designed to provide clear insights that are easy to understand and interpret.
  • 8 Competencies: 8 sales-specific competencies that have been validated and demonstrated to support sales performance.


Sales AP™ Interview Guide (64 tokens)

The Sales AP Interview Guide contains a set of features that provide sales-specific insights to help you make informed hiring decisions. It includes information about how candidates might behave on the job and structured interview questions to dive deeper into their competencies, as well as Response Style Indicators that are triggered by participant faking and inattention.


  • Interviewing
  • Succession Planning
  • Promotion

Sales AP™ Development Report (64 tokens)

The Sales AP Development Report provides insight into the competencies that contribute to sales performance. Basic strategies and a goal-setting framework are included in the Development Report to help employees and coaches create an action plan to strengthen their core sales competencies.


  • Coaching
  • Learning
  • Development


The Sales AP™ includes self-paced, online certification materials to help you get the most out of the tool.


  • E-Learning Modules: Self-paced, online training modules allow you to get certified anywhere, anytime.
  • User Guide: Simplified and easy-to-use, this guide can be accessed anytime, to help you administer, interpret and use the Sales AP™ to its highest potential.
  • Technical Manual: Learn about the science behind the assessment, with key insights on the tool’s reliability and validity.
  • Talent Assessment Portal (TAP): Access your Sales AP™ Resources, administer the assessment and generate reports through your online TAP account.

Please note: You must purchase and complete the self-paced, online certification to use the Sales AP.

Sales AP™ Development Sample Report

Jotham Friedland, PhD & Sander Marcus, PhD

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