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Understand your natural selling style and how to adapt it to meet the needs of customers with the Online DISC Sales Report.

Whether it is the consultant on outside sales calls, or inside sales through customer service, by understanding your inherent style you will be better able to communicate, motivate, convince and ultimately close more deals, move more product or sell more services.

Gain valuable insight that you can use to establish rapport, open lines of communication, build trust, motivate, and close more deals.

The Online DISC Sales Report will help you understand:

  • Selling style, strengths & limitations
  • Communication style of yourself and others
  • The buying needs of all styles
  • How you could adapt your selling style to meet the buying needs of others

By understanding your instincts and the needs of your customers, you can intentionally adjust your selling style to better communicate and close more deals.

Suggested applications include sales training, hiring sales staff and team building within sales and customer service groups.

Sample Online DISC Sales Report

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