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The Online DISC with Teams & Values Report (or 3D Report) combines three behavioural online assessments into one comprehensive report.

The DISC Personality Test is a behavioural assessment, which allows us to identify one's environmental preferences, predictable behaviours, communication tendencies, motivators, and more. The TEAMS Thinking Style Test gauges five identifiable thinking styles, which compose the most effective team, whilst the Workplace Values Test identifies one's internal motivators, which directly influence our decision making on a daily basis, whether we are aware of it or not.

The DISC Personality Style, TEAMS Thinking Style & Workplace Values Style will provide you with in-depth information about your behaviour, motivation, decision-making, and natural tendencies in thought and communication when working with others.

The Online DISC with Teams & Values Report includes the following:

  • Introduction to DISC Personality Styles
  • Your DISC, TEAMS & Values Styles (Graphs)
  • Description of Your DISC Personality Style
  • DISC Style Intensity Overview
  • Your Communication Style & Communication Tips
  • Introduction to TEAMS Thinking Styles
  • Your Primary and Secondary TEAMS Thinking Styles
  • Introduction to Workplace Values Styles
  • Your Primary and Secondary Workplace Values Styles
  • Action Plan

Recommended applications include Hiring, Team Building, Leadership and Development.

Sample Online DISC with Teams & Values Report

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