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The DISC Personality System Profile assessments measure a person’s predictable personality traits and behaviour. They can provide valuable input regarding how a person thinks, feels, what motivates them, and what deters them. It tells you about how they relate to systems, how they approach conflict, how they relate to people, and how they respond to different environments.

Discover the group dynamics of your team

Understand and diagnose your team’s strengths and limits with DISC and work towards a more unified team culture, using the DISC Group Dynamics online report.

  • Your team’s Individual DISC styles (up to 50) are combined and analysed in one report.
  • View a combined team graph as well as all member’s individual graphs
  • Understand how the most prevalent personality styles influence and affect the group.
  • View your team’s graph under stress and understand coping methods.
  • Use the worksheet, tips and strategies to create better team dynamics.

The Group Dynamics Report requires a PeopleKeys account and at least two members who have taken their DISC assessments.

Sample DISC Group Dynamics Report

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