Salford Sentence Reading and Comprehension Test – SSRCT (Fifth Edition)

Author(s) : Maddy Barnes and Colin McCarty

Publisher : Hachette, 2022


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Salford Sentence Reading and Comprehension Test – SSRCT (Fifth Edition) Manual

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Salford Sentence Reading and Comprehension Test – SSRCT (Fifth Edition) Record Form (pkg 10)

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Purpose: To assess individual reading progress based on a series of sentences of graded ability
Age: 5–16 years
Time: up to minutes

Fully re-standardised and now in its fifth edition, the Salford Sentence Reading and Comprehension Test (SSRCT) provides a snapshot of a pupil's reading and comprehension ability based on sentences of graded ability.

Taking as little as ten minutes to administer, this individual, oral reading test can be used as part of an initial assessment for pupils with suspected reading difficulties, or as a quick screening test for groups of pupils. Three parallel forms (A, B and C) allow for re-testing, to track progress and monitor the impact of interventions over time.

Key Features

  • Fully restandardised 2022
  • Covers an increased age range of 5-16 years
  • Provides three parallel forms to track pupil progress
  • There are 20 sentences per form to improve reliability of the assessment at both ends of the reading ability scale
  • An additional comprehension question for every sentence has been included to test pupils' vocabulary alongside their literal comprehension and inference
  • For pupils unable to read the first sentence in the test, SSRCT can now be delivered as a listening comprehension test instead, so teachers are still able to get a measure of a pupil’s understanding
  • Gives standardised scores as well as reading ages, including an optional new measure of reading comprehension

The SSRCT assesses factors relating to reading accuracy, reading comprehension (literal understanding, inference and vocabulary), reading age and comprehension age.

Maddy Barnes and Colin McCarty

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