Scaffolding Literacy

An integrated and sequential approach to teaching reading, spelling and writing

ISBN13 : 9780864318367

Author(s) : Beverley Axford, Pamela Harders and Fay Wise

Publisher : ACER Press, 2009

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Scaffolding Literacy describes an alternative approach to literacy teaching in primary schools based on the principles of explicit teaching of how authors use words to convey meaning.

The book provides a detailed description of the Scaffolding Literacy teaching sequence and related strategies developed at the University of Canberra over two decades, looking into how to help young readers and writers become users of 'literate' text.

It explains why the Scaffolding Literacy approach enables learners to better understand the reading, language studies and writing tasks asked of them in school.

Beverley Axford, Pamela Harders and Fay Wise