Socially Speaking Game

ISBN13 : 978-0742417540

Author(s) : Alison Schroeder

Publisher : LDA, 2003

SKU : 800SSG

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The Socially Speaking Game teaches and reinforces important social skills using a variety of role-playing and problem-solving activities. Designed to complement the Socially Speaking Book, the game focuses on social interaction in three key areas: the home, school, and the wider community.

Improve your students' social skills while targeting self-esteem, listening skills, receptive and expressive language, and problem-solving.

Students practice effective social interactions like greeting, turn-taking, eye contact, listening, compliments, emotions, showing an interest in what others are saying, sitting appropriately, asking and answering questions, using your voice effectively, developing and maintaining friendships, and communicating in a variety of situations (school, friend, restaurant, etc.).

The question cards address social skills in the three key areas and allow students to discuss social situations, emotions, and appropriate behaviours.

The Socially Speaking Game includes:

  • Gameboard
  • 100 question cards
  • 6 playing pieces
  • 24 coloured rings
  • Dice
  • An instructional booklet.

Suitable for 7-11 year olds, or older children with Special Needs.

Alison Schroeder is a Speech and Language therapist and primary school teacher who has written a number of social skills and language resources including Socially Speaking and Time to Talk.

She has over 19 years' experience of working with children with language and communication difficulties and specialises in the area of social communication.