Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-5 (R) Disorders - Clinician Version (SCID-5-CV)

ISBN13 : 9781585624614

Publisher : American Psychiatric Association Publishing

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The Structured Clinical Interview for DSM-5 (R) - Clinician Version (SCID-5-CV) guides the clinician step-by-step through the DSM-5 diagnostic process.

The SCID-5-CV is an abridged and reformatted version of the Research Version of the SCID, the structured diagnostic interview most widely used by researchers for making DSM diagnoses for the past 30 years. A unique and valuable tool, the SCID-5-CV covers the DSM-5 diagnoses most commonly seen in clinical settings:

  • depressive and bipolar disorders;
  • schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders;
  • substance use disorders;
  • anxiety disorders (panic disorder, agoraphobia, social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder);
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder;
  • posttraumatic stress disorder;
  • attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder;
  • adjustment disorder.
  • It also screens for 17 additional DSM-5 disorders.

Interview questions are provided conveniently along each corresponding DSM-5 criterion, which aids in rating each as either present or absent. Versatile in function, the SCID-5-CV can be used in a variety of ways. For example, it can ensure that all of the major DSM-5 diagnoses are systematically evaluated in adults; characterize a study population in terms of current psychiatric diagnoses; and improve interviewing skills of students in the mental health professions, including psychiatry, psychology, psychiatric social work, and psychiatric nursing.

Enhancing the reliability and validity of DSM-5 diagnostic assessments, the SCID-5-CV will serve as an indispensible interview guide.

Format: Paperback.