Teaching Physical Education in Primary School

An integrated health perspective

ISBN13 : 9781742860923

Author(s) : Dr Janet Currie

Publisher : ACER Press, 2013

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In primary schools today, children are expected to participate in regular, safe, fun and engaging movement and physical activity as part of the national curriculum. Not surprisingly, teaching staff are also being encouraged to update their training and expand their expertise in the field.

Teaching Physical Education in Primary School is a valuable resource for both pre-service and practicing teachers that conveys the underpinning research and theory. Replete with over 30 illustrations, this essential resource reflects current evidence that a physically active child is also a more engaged learner.

Managing student behaviour in an outdoor setting is an important focus, and clear guidelines for effective instruction, feedback and communication are provided. With this concise yet thorough guide, primary school teachers will be supported in delivering physical education that caters to a diverse range of children's needs.

Taking a strengths-based, holistic approach Teaching Physical Education in Primary School addresses key topics including:

  • The individual child's needs and readiness for physical activity
  • Skill development and acquisition of core principles
  • Safety and legal considerations for children's participation
  • Planning, design and implementation of effective practice sessions
  • The most up-to-date health and nutrition information.

Dr Janet Currie, MHlthsc (Hons), MEd, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer in Health and Physical Education at the University of Technology, Sydney. Formerly a school teacher and national level athlete, she has been a university lecturer for over 25 years. She is also involved in community health promotion and health policy with government bodies and commercial enterprises and continues to practise as a professional fitness leader.