TRIBES Energizer Box

101 Energizers for Your Classroom

Author(s) : Jeanne Gibbs

Publisher : CentreSource Systems

SKU : 400TRB

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Energizers are a great way to revitalise students throughout the day. The brief activities awaken many multiple intelligences: musical, visual, social, kinetic etc.

They are a great way to draw attention back to the classroom, and re-energize your students!

This card file is filled with 101 energizers on 4? x 6? cards, ready for you to pull as needed. Each card is has a step by step description of the activity for use with your classroom as well as room to write your own notes on the back.

The design of the cards and the container are to make the information close at hand and easy to search when that lull hits the room.

Energizer Boxes come in assorted colours.

Jeanne Gibbs