What Is It About Tribes?

The Research-Based Components of the Developmental Process of Tribes Learning Communities

ISBN13 : 9780932762207

Author(s) : Bonnie Benard

Publisher : CentreSource Systems, 2005

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This book is an in-depth response to questions that educators have been asking for many years: "What is it about the process of 'Tribes' that makes it work so well in so many schools, cultures and countries? What is it that helps all kinds of students love learning and achieve? What is it that makes teaching easier and more enjoyable?"

The author brought hundreds of research studies and literature references into enlightening coherence. The reader will discover why and how implementing the core components of the process of Tribes transforms people, classrooms and schools - not because the approach is a curriculum to be taught or a program to be replicated - but because it is an on-going student-centred active-learning process that everyone in a school lives daily and owns.

The book will also prove to be invaluable in the writing of grants, accessing resources, and designing parent, community and district programs.

Bonnie Benard