TRIBES - Engaging All by Creating High School Learning Communities

ISBN13 : 978093276203

Author(s) : Jeanne Gibbs and Teri Ushijima

Publisher : CenterSource Systems, 2008

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This comprehensive book provides the research-based framework, pedagogy, concepts and strategies that are essential for engaging all by creating TRIBES high school learning communities.

Topics discussed include critical indicators of the very different needs of 21st century youth, voices of students themselves, and a consensus of recommendations from the literature and studies, including the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP).

Readers will explore the most promising strategy for sustained, substantive school improvement - that of building the capacity of school personnel - "the insiders" - to function as a collegial learning community, in which teachers collaboratively learn together, tailor curricula to ways in which students of today's world best can learn, support each other in implementation, and reflect together continuously on their own enhanced learning, as well as that of their students.

Readers will understand why and how the research-based developmental process of Tribes Learning Communities, when implemented well, can transform the culture, structures and pedagogy of the whole high school system - particularly one committed to preparing today's students for an entirely different era - the Era of Learning.

Jeanne Gibbs and Teri Ushijima