WH Chipper Chat

Author(s) : Nancy Crist and Rose Sheedy

Publisher : Super Duper Publications

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Help students process and answer "WH" question (What, Who, Where, When and Why) using WH Chipper Chat.

Each "WH" game centres around the use of individual game boards, magnetic chips, and a magnetic wand.

Students place the chips on their boards as they answer "WH" questions (included with each game). When the boards are full-the students pick up the chips with a "magic" magnetic wand.

WH Chipper Chat includes ten different scenes. Each scene has a lesson plan with 100 "WH" questions (20 each of Who, What, When, Where, and Why). A valuable "check off" form makes it easy to keep track of the questions you are asking.

Each scene has five game boards, allowing up to 5 players to play the same game.

WH Chipper Chat includes:

  • Lesson Activity Book with reproducible masters for each game board and question list
  • 50 game boards (5 of each scene) for 10 different games (21cm x 28cm)
  • 23 bonus reproducible "WH" activity sheets
  • Magic wand
  • 100 magnetic chips
  • Record sheet to track student progress
  • Parent/helper letter
  • Large die
  • All contained in a sturdy storage box
Nancy Crist and Rose Sheedy