Young People

Cross-cultural views and futures

ISBN13 : 9781742860305

Author(s) : Edited by Margaret Robertson and Sirpa Tani

Publisher : ACER Press, 2013

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Young people have lived all their lives with personal connectivity. In modern society, mobile digital devices provide a steady stream of information any time and any place, resulting in young people offering a unique perspective on global issues.

Young People: Cross-cultural views and futures highlights student voices from multiple perspectives and diverse socio-cultural contexts.

Bringing together case studies from researchers, teachers and students on every continent, Margaret Robertson and Sirpa Tani provide findings and reveal overlapping interests related to the future of our planet (including the environment, health, wellbeing, families, education and jobs) from Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Chile, Colombia, the United States, Kenya, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Finland.

The final chapter in the book reflects on these findings and explores how the behaviours, essential values and beliefs of young people are being modified.

The book concludes with suggestions related to how the voice of students can add to the quality of educational decision-making for the future.

Margaret Robertson is Professor of Education at La Trobe University, Australia. Her research and publication interests focus on cultural geography, particularly young people's geographies and applications of social media and digital technologies. Research projects also include a range of issues related to environmental and community-based education.

Sirpa Tani is Professor of Geography and Environmental Education at the University of Helsinki, Finland. Her research activities deal with geographies of young people, geography education and visual methodologies. She is especially interested in urban and cultural geographies, geographies of everyday life and emotional geographies.